Wednesday 23rd July

Trainworks Winter Beer Festival

Thirlmere Trainworks Lawns

10 Barbour Rd, Thirlmere

August 25th 2012, 9 a.m. — 5 p.m.
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All Ages

Kid Friendly

Tickets can be purchased in advance online and some include transport options.

In the tiny town of Thirlmere an hour south of Sydney, Trainworks will be holding the Winter Beer Festival. A day featuring tipples from Australia's best craft breweries.

Beer lovers will have the opportunity to tastes a range of beers including favourites such as James Squire, Little Creatures Brewery, Two Birds Brewing and many more. This event is not just restricted to beer lovers; there will be plenty of eateries offering up a hearty selection of food.

While the festival is planned as an outdoor event, should the skies open there is a space to move inside that is said to resemble a German beer hall.


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