Wednesday 23rd July
Bastille Day

Bastille Day

The Argyle

18 Argyle Street

July 14th 2012, 6 p.m.
Event Type


Food and Wine


Over 18's Only


Tickets $25 for over 25s

What is there to not love about the French? Champagne, high fashion, carb-loving baguette and cake eaters, romance and, of course, the accents.

This Saturday, 14th of July marks the 'French National Day', affectionately known as Bastille Day. This National French day, marks the birth of French freedom, spirit and human rights when in 1789 the French Revolutionaries overtook the Bastille, leading to the beginnings of the reconciliation between the Monarchy and the French People.

The Rocks will be hosting a ticketed event with an array of festivities including table tennis, cycling competition, Cancan shows, make up stalls and performances by French Dj Charles Lilaim.

Snatch up a courtesy champagne upon arrival and enjoy French classics like crepes for sale throughout the night.

Get your dancing shoes on and embrace all there is to amore about The French National, Bastille Day.


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