Eclectic yet refined, spending time in Surry Hills interior design store Orson & Blake is like being in an elegant version of one’s own home – it feels comfortable.

With a huge range of bookcases, chairs, rugs, tables, cabinets, lamps and mirrors, the store is unpretentious despite the desirable objects that populate it. Split across two levels and a mezzanine, the ground floor houses the main section, while the basement holds garden and outdoor furniture.

A cafe occupies the mezzanine, but this cafe is no side project for sustenance on the run. Rather, it’s a relaxing, light-filled space with a selection of baked goods and coffee to enjoy while flicking through interiors magazines. A solid all all-day breakfast menu is also available.

But perhaps the true allure of Orson & Blake is the way in which regular home furniture is paired with interesting objects. Baubles, lamps and tree branches are arranged as a hanging installation to reflect the colours of the linen stored below; a romantic French script cushion somehow complements a bold geometric black-and-white striped print.

Indeed, Orson & Blake is a place to be inspired and discover new and interesting ways that the ordinary can be made extraordinary in your own space.