Von Haus is a gem of Melbourne’s laneway list, feeling more like a finely-stocked dining room in a close friend's house than a public café and bar. The main room is small (literally the size of an city apartment's living room), and tends to get quite noisy when only 20 people, competing to be heard, fill the space. Offering breakfast, lunch, nibbles (cheese is the way to go here), and dinner menu of European inspiration, it’s perfect for a quiet coffee or a relaxed drink.

The wine list is somewhat limited but the chalkboard by-the-glass menu does suggest flexibility. You might not be spoilt for choice here, but you will be spoilt by the bar staff who are ready to fill your glass before you’ve had the chance to lament your last sip. Von Haus is ideal for pairs and trios, and its warm lighting and friendly atmosphere encourage conversation. Get in early on a Friday to claim a seat. The intimate space, limited menu choices and attentive service make the experience of Von Haus cosy, humble and civilised.