Looming above Section 8 is Ferdydurke, the bar by the same crew. To find Ferdydurke one must enter an unassuming Tattersalls Lane side door, scale two flights of steps and bravely stare down the many faces painted on the walls. After all that you'll need a drink, and Ferdydurke delivers.

The pink-inked drinks menu reads like an encyclopaedia of classic cocktails. Written in alphabetical order, the range of beverages can be a bit daunting but the knowledgeable staff are more than willing to suggest your perfect cocktail.

The Vietnamese menu might seem at odds with the rest of the offering, but this is really the point in such an eclectic and eccentric bar. Fresh banh mi, pho and rice paper rolls make a delicious change from conventional bar fare.

The bar itself is perched at the very top of its building, feeling a bit 'New York loft' with the exposed, re-used scaffolding and floating glass windows. And in case you were wondering this unique bar is named after a 1930's surrealist novel from Poland. As you do.