The Bottom End is little short of a genius reinterpretation of a rubbish Irish pub. Cleverly adorned with a mixture of antique styles the centrepiece is a statuette of topless maidens – undoubtedly stolen from a 1970s Australiana time capsule – reinforces the sense of humour that has been used to compile this assortment of treasure.

It’s huge interior is space enough to make it into what the owners claim is a hybrid between pub, disco and diner. All the elements come together to make this combination not only realistic, but formidable. Tasty burgers on brioche are well above standard ($16), but it’s the Philly Cheese Steak and Po Boy stacked on white hero rolls that are the Americana standouts ($16).

The drinks offering is true to the venue’s pub origins, but its Irish roots have been abandoned, with not a pint of Guinness in sight. Take your pick from the house cleanskin wines labelled “cheap”, “reasonable” and “good”. The cocktail list runs from mundane to madness (Delany’s signature ‘Jungle Juice’ is on hand).

Considering the pedigree of the owners- between Michael Delaney-Korabelnikova and business partner Anthony ‘Hockers’ Hocking, they’ve had their hands in some of the town’s more iconic goodtime venues; Honky Tonks, Third Class and Sorry Grandma- it’s a sure bet that the tunes will be on form. Regardless of whether it’s four in the afternoon or four in the morning, that gentle urge will be calling you to bust a move on the carpet tile dance floor.