A suave low-key cocktail lounge on weeknights, Black Pearl heaves on the weekend. In its quieter moments, this bar sees locals propping up the bar (to watch the bar staff layering complex cocktails around as they offer chit-chat), lounging in the various sofas or perching on an ottoman. Come alone, or bring your posse; it doesn’t much matter at Black Pearl.

You can get bar snacks – including sausage rolls that purportedly turned one of the bartenders against vegetarianism – until 10pm, and the drinks menu consists of about 20 boutique beers by the bottle, with one on tap that changes regularly. There’s also a reasonable wine list and some fantastic cocktails.

Comfort is paramount here and there’s no pressure to order anything more than an OJ to sip from the middle of a three-seater. But come Friday or Saturday night you’ll be four-deep at the bar with your elbows pinned to your sides. If this is an issue, you might try your luck at the upstairs bar, The Attic, where if you manage to find a seat, the table service will assure your prolonged comfort.