**UPDATE: Black Pearl is closed for renovations until August 2015.

A suave low-key cocktail lounge on weeknights, Black Pearl heaves on the weekend.

In its quieter moments, you'll find locals propped against the bar, chit-chatting with staff layering complex cocktails or lounging on the sofas and ottomans. Come alone, or bring your posse; it doesn’t much matter at this World Class drinking venue.

The focus here is on cocktails, giving the mixing masters behind the bar a chance to showcase their skill.

There's bar snacks until 10pm, including sausage rolls so good they purportedly turned one of the bartenders against vegetarianism.

Unwinding is paramount here but it does fill up, so if you'd like a little more elbow room try your luck at the upstairs bar, The Attic. If you manage to find a seat, the table service will assure your prolonged comfort.