A welcome edition to the suburban streets of Ripponlea, The Staple Store makes for a truly humbling shopping experience. It may seem a simple idea from the outside, but once you set foot inside The Staple Store, it’s almost a revelation. Selling dried goods, the store is a collection of all the things you would love to find at the grocers just down the road, but rarely do.

With sacks of rice, lentils, oats, nuts, beans, seeds and more, it’s a health-lover’s paradise. Aside from the staples that every kitchen requires, there are other thoughtful creations from owner Catie Gett, a naturopath. She has several different muesli mixes to choose from, or perhaps some organic tamari and hummus?

Gett and her store are the antithesis of the superiority complex that sometimes lurks amid stores that cater to the health food crowd. It’s possible to walk in with no idea what you want and walk out feeling like you've got a fortnight of delicious meals planned out, let alone an incredible knowledge as to where your food has come from.

The only hard and fast rule is to bring along your own Tupperware and anything else you might want to fill up – The Staple Store is strictly a plastic bag free zone.