Spelt and quinoa. Despite being two of the most ancient grains, they’re often overlooked as menu items. But just a little way up Brunswick Street, Spelt Quinoa sits ready and waiting to satisfy our cravings for its namesakes.

Located in the heart of Fitzroy, near the Veggie Bar, Spelt Quinoa offers local, organic bulk and premade food products at an affordable price –something not often found in a health food store.

It’s not just about grains here. The interior space is small, but packed full with a variety of treats that make eating healthy a delightful adventure. Products range from assorted bulk grains, pulses and nuts to premade treats like kale chips, bread rolls and cakes. If you’re looking for a sweet fix, the ‘Probites’ (a protein ball of dates, quinoa, tahini and agave) is a guilt-free melt-in-your-mouth treat. House-made products like the Spelt Quinoa 'Sunrise' muesli are a great way to start your morning.

Owner Gemma Flye’s decision to open the store 18 months ago was born out of her passion for cooking and baking interesting foods, which permeates throughout the shop. With such an abundance of choice, it is hard to leave Spelt Quinoa without feeling able and inspired to go wild in the kitchen.

If you are a lover of clean food, Spelt Quinoa is your playground.