Thaila Thai remains that spicy little sliver of Bangkok in Brunswick East. Upon entering the eatery you’re met by a frenzied hotbox kitchen and enthusiastic staff waiting to seat you. Fresh and full-flavoured dishes are flying around the joint like space junk, and you’ll almost always seize a table when visiting. The service here is express-like, too.

A hyperactive room that serves mammoth-sized, affordably priced mains that go for between $11 and $16, Thaila Thai is one of the leading budget Thai spots on Lygon Street. It’s licensed and wine is available by the glass, or you can BYO (wine only) for $1 corkage per person. There are countless vegetarian options available alongside beef, chicken, pork, seafood and tofu mains and soups; all the old chestnuts that make up the quintessential Thai food spread, really.

Go the Pad Woo Sen Mue (jelly noodles stir-fried with pork and egg), some vegetarian spring rolls, a $5 Tom Kha soup and Victoria’s Butterflies (crispy pork-filled deep fried treats served with sweet chilli sauce) for a good fill. Parking spots are tough to nab around Thaila Thai so picking up takeaway can be an issue, but hey, it’s worth it.