**UPDATE: Gill's Diner is closed for renovations for two weeks from August 8, 2015, to be relaunched as Emilia.

Gills Diner, residing in an old truck garage, is yet another Con Christopoulos operation (the man behind Journal, Siglo and the Supper Club etc). Tucked away in the back of Gills Ally in the CBD and fronted by The Commercial Bakery, this is the sort of just-hidden-away goodness that makes it feel a little bit sneaky.

The food is Eurocentric with a heavy focus on seasons; it might be anything from rabbit to artichoke specials depending on the time of year. What you can count on is that the food will be excellent. It’s also worth pointing out that the bread (baked on the premises in the bakery part of the set-up) is certainly not just any old accompaniment: the sourdough is the stuff dreams are made of.

Oh, and the wine list has won awards, so your best bet is to leave the car at home.

Design is a big part of what’s happening here and everything from the old classroom chairs to the chalkboard menus and communal tables, tilts its hat to the schoolyard. We’re constantly delighted by the counterweight windows that split part of the space. If you don't have the time to sit down, a quick pastry and coffee from the adjoining Commercial Bakery is the way to go.