The Crimean is a rustic and charming bohemian style pub where anyone with a vaguely Eastern European bloodline or interest in eastern European food will feel at home. There's a warmth and intimacy about the place, and the hidden nooks like the bunker-ish ‘cold war room’ – perfect for clandestine liaisons and shady deals – add to the romance. The main dining room is decked out in moody, dark woods with the walls are adorned with an intriguing mix of communist-era posters and colourful propaganda.

The well-priced menu darts from the Ukraine to Romania via Poland, and while many of us have eaten blinis and borscht, it’s not often you see shopska, sarma or banitsa gracing pub menus. Bulgarian head chef Mykel de Laat shares his for the rich, aromatic and robust fare of his homeland and is turning out some gorgeous, modern takes on the traditional. The wines are a little obscure, high quality and from all over the region, and on the cocktail list features creative collaborations between notable rarities like spiced Czech herbal liqueur, Ukrainian birch-infused vodka or sour cherry juice, just to keep with the theme.