After visiting Turkey and Nepal, where corn is sold on street corners as a meal in itself, Ellie Marrin brough home the concept of Cornutopia, another of the food trucks to hit the streets of Melbourne. Embracing the link between street food and farmers markets, Marrin is proud to call Preston Market Cornutopia’s home because it means she has the biggest pantry of fresh ingredients on her doorstep each day.

Dedicated to the humble cob, Cornutopia’s food is fresh and creative. Six styles of corn are on offer, with all the trimmings of mayonnaise and cayenne pepper, or simply some butter and salt. Choose from four El Tacos – steak, veggie, chicken or prawn – which come with fresh tomato salsa, sour cream and some excellent sauces. These are also crafted from scratch and doused in fiery chipotle made from fresh smoked jalapeños.

In its concept and delivery, Cornutopia is adventurous and different. People mill around the van chowing down on their tacos, or share their meals around little white tables nearby, miniature cacti as their centrepieces. Neighbourly chats ensue. In this way, what is ostensibly a food van is also a new space for community.

Along with its regular spot at the Preston Market, Cornutopia pops up around town, so check their Facebook and Twitter for updates.