Taking its name from a neighbourhood in central London, just above Oxford Street in the West End (and also the Italian expression for Fitzroy Street), Fitzrovia is a venture from internationally recognised chef Paul Jewson and his partner Marco Pugnaloni. A St Kilda local since returning from London in 2009, Jewson had spent the previous two decades working all around England and Europe.

Modern British meets river cafe-style Italian and European fare at Fitzrovia, with signature dishes including slow-roast pork belly with caramelised sweet potato mash, and cock crab with Asian mushroom and wasabi salad. There’s also a little fun via the beautifully fried, seasonal crispy prawn and avocado cocktail creation.

And the best part? It’s all local produce. “Victoria is so beautifully positioned with the most fantastic produce in the world,” he says. It’s a notion that adheres wonderfully to his neighbourhood-centric approach.

Offering a unique experience that blurs the lines between kitchen and dining space, guests will find themselves sitting amongst the constantly evolving fresh produce delivered each day. Coffee at Fitzrovia comes from St ALi.