MoVida Next Door, the younger sister of MoVida (and older sibling of Aqui and Paco's Tacos, is exactly what we love about eating out in Melbourne. Its aim is to deliver an authentic tapas experience: sit at the bar, have a drink (Spanish beer, wine and sherry) and slowly make your way through Frank Camorra’s excellent tapas and racion menu – all without the three-month waiting list and somewhat hefty price tag of its older brother.

Accordingly, it draws a wider crowd including students, tourists and theatre goers. All of which tend to linger over a drink and prove that securing a seat at this charismatic corner spot is, thanks to the no-bookings policy, likely to remain an exercise in patience and good timing (we suspect that Misty Bar further up Hosier Lane has happily benefited in its role as MoVida’s waiting room).

MoVida Next Door’s relaxed atmosphere and intimate bar setting allows diners to discover the joys of the true tapas bar.