Taking inspiration from the dive bars American sailors might wander into after weeks at sea, may seem a strange angle; but in the case of The Beaufort, it works pretty brilliantly. The Beaufort offers everything the essential bar in port should: great drinks, friendly and knowledgeable staff, as well as its own little quirks.

The brainchild of Dave Kerr (Ex- The Woods of Windsor, Sweatshop, Little Press, and The Broadsheet Bar), the idea for The Beaufort came about when his love of nautical knick knacks (and eBay) started to get a little out of control. When it came time to put the project into action, Kerr decided to create the type of bar old mariners would hang at after a long day of trawling the bay.

“We always wanted a dive bar that facilitated fun, played rock and encouraged a bit of debauchery, but at the same time delivered an outstanding product,” Kerr says. And with the help of good friend and designer Rhys Gorgol from The Company You Keep, The Beaufort does just that.

Ike's Rack Shack was added a few years later with chef Chris Terlikar at the helm. With pork, beef, lamb and even vegan racks available, the ribs are smoked overnight and glazed with a Bulleit bourbon and maple syrup combination, before being char grilled. Bibs are available if you ask nicely. Same goes for the venue's famous deep fried pickles: they're no longer listed on the menu, but just say the word and they'll appear.