After selling Liar Liar, Nathan Toleman spent his time preparing this project (although he has since sold and moved on to Two Birds One Stone and Top Paddock). Not surprisingly, it’s very much in the spirit of Toleman's other ventures, featuring a clean, comfortable fit-out that is dominated by a long communal table and a couple of large, round marble-topped tables. However, the warm, low-key atmosphere belies the very serious coffee they’re offering, with a selection that goes well beyond espresso, including paper filter and Clover.

The coffee offering here is every bit as considered as a good wine list. Using Five Senses coffee they’ve custom-designed two espresso blends specifically for the cafe, and have a different single origin on offer for espresso, pour over and Clover.

For the droves of hungry people who walk in their door each day, Three Bags Full have two kitchens running simultaneously and those looking for a quick lunch can order some ready-to-go options like baguettes, toasties, fresh salads, soups or their homemade cakes and muffins.