Perched proudly on the corner of busy Canterbury Road and Pleasantville-esk Maling Road, stands The Maling Room. From the exterior, this heritage listed building appears to be nothing more then what it formerly was – a post office. But these days, The Maling Room houses an unassuming cafe serving up some of the eastern suburbs’ best coffee.

The Maling Room itself was built in 1908–1910 and shut its doors as a post office in 1996. Evidence of its former life has been preserved through the stain glass windows scored with signage such as ‘Telephone Bureau’ and ‘Money Order’.

Once inside, apricot coloured walls and high ceilings house practical, classic timber furnishings. Although slightly dated and even a bit daggy, the main clientele of elderly couples and mums with bubs don’t seem to mind. This cafe’s appeal isn’t a designer fit-out; it’s the coffee.

Current owner Andrew Lew has installed a couple of Synesso machines that get quite the workout. The extensive coffee menu makes a particular note of steaming milk at the optimal 65 degrees, so those who like it hot will have to request so. Upstairs, staff are busy roasting their own in-house blend as well as a high rotation of single origin coffees, all of which are available for purchasing. The roastery supplies to many of the cafes along Maling Road and all across the city.

For some food to go with your coffee, The Maling Room provides an extensive breakfast menu that is heavy on for eggs. The lunch menu prize-winner is the salmon ‘signature platter’, served with a mere five condiments. For sweets, house-made cakes and baked goods from Noisette fill the display cabinet.

The Maling Room is not to be overlooked, especially by those who appreciate quality coffee without the distractions of frilly surrounds.