In our fair city it can sometimes feel as though a cafe occupies every corner, and frankly, this can only be a good thing. Everyone needs their corner cafe. And The Fair is this sleepy corner's cafe.

This is owner Sarah Masny’s first venture, but she’s been involved hospitality most of her adult life including recent stints at MoVida and The European.

She’s a taken over a charming blue building on a quiet stretch of Church Street, creating a stylish yet convivial space. Blond wood furniture offsets whitewashed walls; natural light floods the interior; and natural touches in the form of lush terrariums by Katie Dello brighten up the windows.

David Masters helms the kitchen and has created an impressive menu with a definite savoury slant. For breakfast, there are dishes like the bacon hash decorated with witlof, peas and a poached egg.

For lunch, perhaps ‘The Shiksa’ will be more your bag – a crusty, seedy bagel filled with succulent barbequed pulled pork and freshly prepared coleslaw.

For those whose teeth long for sugar, there are pancakes with roast apple, whipped yoghurt and drunken raisins. Cakes, slices and pastries are provided by Little Bertha and MoVida Bakery. If the semolina cake soaked in rosewater is available, it’s a must.

The coffee hails from Wide Open Road and tea drinkers will be pleased by the selection of Larsen & Thompson brews available.