Carte Crepes started life as Crepes a la Carte the business of Melbourne University students, Ben Vaughan and Liz Brumby. Now Vaughan and Brumby have graduated and turned Carte Crepes into a more permanent fixture.

Carte Crepes has lovers of sugary treats in mind - specialising in some pretty amazing sweet crepes. From “The Snickers” crepe (caramel, melted chocolate and peanut butter) to the scrumptious combinations of Nutella and marshmallows, melted chocolate and coconut or sugar and lime – whatever you decide, you won’t be disappointed.

Sustainability and the use of fresh and local produce paramount to Vaughan and Brumby. Their tasty delights contain ingredients from a selection of local suppliers, including fruit delivered from the Queen Vic Market daily and seasonal jams from Jam Lady in Healesville. In addition to top notch treats, Carte Crepes uses biodegradable and recyclable products.

Fancy a beverage with you crepe? Carte offers coffee supplied by Allpress Espresso, plus a range of speciality drinking chocolates made by Grounded Pleasures in Ballarat.