Painted pale blue, with little in the way of signage‚ the exterior of this innocuous looking cafe is deceiving to say the least. In fact, you could be forgiven for thinking they specialise in refashioned 80s wedding tuxedos. Fortunately, these initial impressions give way to a kitsch Japanese aesthetic upon entering Cafe Giraffe.

The communal dining space eschews western incarnations of kawaii and asserts a more authentic approach to its interiors. Visitors can seek refuge under an all-encompassing tree planted in the middle of the room where the staff encourage you to leave a note and clip it onto the tree, adding to their deciduous guest book. There are board games to play, records to change and imported magazines and books perched on their makeshift bookshelf-partitions to peruse.

Then of course is their limited and inexpensive menu with chocolate and cheese fondues, cocktail sized milkshakes and frappes, dumplings, curries and risottos. With most items $10 or less do not expect a two hat gastronomical experience, because ultimately you get what you pay for. Cafe Giraffe is the perfect cityscape retreat and leaves you with the feeling that you might just need to catch the shinkansen to get home.