They say a hair of the dog that bit you helps cure the bite. So you might be cursing Dexter after a night of sampling their cocktails and specialty (mostly local) beers. But you’ll probably forgive them after breakfast.

Their Supreme coffee is good and the breakfast menu inspired. Try traditional (Green) Eggs Benedict or more adventurous breakfast bread and butter pudding with rosewater figs and yoghurt. Add a brilliant spicy Bloody Mary and suddenly all is forgiven.

Linger in Dexter’s cosy, retro, back room, complete with board games. Or sit out front where the wooden tables are big enough to spread out with friends, eat breakfast and still have room for a broadsheet.

As Dexter moves from morning into the evening, there’s an interesting bar snack menu and rotating daily dinner specials. Expect homely, tasty meals – crispy pork belly with Asian coleslaw or spaghetti Carbonara. The cosy, casual atmosphere makes you feel like you’re at a friend’s and the smell of dinner simmering away will make you wonder why you’d bother cooking for yourself tonight.