Wedged into the confines of what is essentially the foyer of much-loved watering hole Penny Black is Half Penny Speciality Coffee. This early morning alternative manages to carry the same mentality as its older sibling – good products, good service and an incredibly friendly atmosphere.

Owners Steve Calipari and Andrew Ridley met to trade secrets and spend long hours behind the machines until a friendship and idea of one day having a place of their own to call home was born. Like any good Hollywood movie, after time apart (and stints behind the machines at Hush Hush, Cafe Racer and Cafenatics respectively), these two found their way back to one another and Half Penny was born.

Sourcing beans from Hawthorn’s Axil and an exclusive blend by Gridlock, there are two constants you will find here – killer coffee and an excellent atmosphere, which is exactly what you want with your morning caffeine hit.