Wednesday 16th April
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DesignOffice: Achieving Simplicity DesignOffice: Achieving Simplicity
We speak with the founders of Collingwood architectural and interior design practice, DesignOffice, about applying its aesthetic to Small Batch’s new cafe project, Filter.
The Flour Market Takes it All the Way to the Town Hall
The Flour Market Takes it All the Way to the Town Hall
Last weekend saw the Flour Market go all the way to the Fitzroy Town Hall - and there were still lines around the block. Our photographer Peter Tarasiuk was at the massive community bake sale on Sunday morning (along with the rest of Melbourne).
Botanical Cuisine Dough or Die: A Flour Market Survival Guide
The Flour Market has risen to epic proportions. The underground bakers’ market will be setting up shop in its biggest venue yet, and let us tell you – it’s a bun fight out there. Here’s our guide so you don’t go in half-baked.
Make Hot Cross Buns, Sans Gluten Make Hot Cross Buns, Sans Gluten
Fatto a Mano, the organic bakery and north-side institution, shows us how to make gluten-free buns that stand up to the rest.
Illustration: Jazz Feldy Why Melbourne Doesn't Have a Street-Food Culture (But Really Wants One)
If Melbourne is so open-minded about food, why doesn’t it have a street-food culture? The rise of food trucks, night markets and the phrase ‘hawker food’ on menus shows we’re hungry for it, but there are some deep-seated reasons why it isn’t happening.
Making It Your Own Making It Your Own
“The way a space looks plays a big role in attracting the crowd you want.” General manager and co-owner of Coda and Tonka, Kate Bartholomew offers her insight into the importance of getting the interior design of a venue right.
All Fired Up: Korean Goes Next Level All Fired Up: Korean Goes Next Level
As far as food trends go, Korean has teetered on the edge of going Mexican on us for a few years now. With Chris Lucas’ Kong opening soon, we take a look at who is pushing the boundaries of modern K-eats in Melbourne, alongside the traditionalists who have been doing it (and killing it) all along.
One-on-One with Heston Blumenthal One-on-One with Heston Blumenthal
As we wait with anticipation for February and The Fat Duck to arrive, we take time out with the man causing a sensation across the city before he’s even laid down a plate.
A Cup Half Full A Cup Half Full
Andrew Kelly’s soon-to-open CBD venue is a bold breath of fresh, filtered air for Melbourne’s thriving, yet somewhat complacent cafe scene. It’s also part of his long-term goal to support a network of coffee producers around the world who are doing things the right way.
Make Your Own Kimchi Make Your Own Kimchi
Chef Jae Park from Collingwood’s modern Korean restaurant, Bistro K, shows us how to make real kimchi – none of that factory-made stuff.
Kambah Pools Out of Town to Canberra
There’s much more to our capital city than roundabouts and Questacon. With a brand-new hotel and a line-up of great new spots to eat and drink, Canberra deserves more than just a drive-by.


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