For a brand so uniquely Melbourne, there's something undeniably universal about the appeal of Elk Accessories.
Designed by partners Adam and Marnie Goding, Elk offers a range of jewellery, textiles, bags and knitwear for men and women. With two collections a year, the team at Elk are able to focus on seasonal colours and natural tones. For winter, this might mean deep yellows and green, soft rust and rich greys.
Each season, Marnie and Adam settle on their colour palette before embarking on the hunt for fabric, so you know that the special bag you've been eyeing is made with the best quality raw materials, sourced from all over the world.

Elk prides itself on its commitment to working with small manufacturers, believing that traditional skills guarantee brilliant quality. The Godings both delight in visiting specialised merchants, factories and suppliers so they know they're bringing the best quality back home.

This meticulous planning, care and design is what makes Elk so special. As well as their moodily sophisticated Preston flagship, Elk sell their collections through independent stores in Australia and New Zealand. It's only a matter of time before the rest of the world falls in love with their high-quality, beautiful designs.