Electric Brain is the ultimate place for a swift and casual barber-style experience. Owner Summer Bousaab offers a change to the simple kick back, read, and get your hair cut. Instead, Electric Brain delivers a great cosy hang out, with old music, cool art and a get away form the daily grind.

At Electric Brain, you can either roll on in or book ahead and take a contented seat in the electric chair, then shoot the breeze with the friendly staff. During the cut, you can gaze at the collectibles, which include Rat Fink figurines, religious statuettes, framed Garbage Pail Kids cards and 50s B-grade movie posters, while one of the miscellaneous music mixes provides the obscure, yet engaging soundtrack.

Open late-ish on weeknights and catering to either gender, Electric Brain is a place where the inanity of the generic hairdresser ‘conversation’ is thrown out the window in favour of something a little more real.

Whether it’s men looking for classic crew cuts, side trims and neck shaves, or ladies chasing a little short hair maintenance, lose yourself in the nimble, Scissorhands-esque techniques of Bousaab at Electric Brain – a place where Brylcreem is not a dirty word.