It used to be that if you were asked where you could get men’s shoes in Melbourne you’d be at a loss. Sure, there were plenty of averagely made, reproduced styles, but all flaunting style over substance. If there’s one item in a man’s wardrobe that requires something a little more, it’s his shoes.

With a beautiful, hand selected collection of meticulously crafted men’s and women’s footwear, 124 Shoes provides a more artisanal experience for shoe lovers. Being situated on Russell Place makes 124 an alternative to the great, yet more conservatively hip, styles in the marketplace. With over 40 years of footwear experience, the goal is to provide “footwear that fits between luxury brands and mass-market retailers”.

It’s a great philosophy that is paying dividends, at least in the exclusivity stakes. Most styles are only available in a size range, so once you’re suited and booted the only other time you’ll see that pair is on another sized foot; it’s a nice feeling. On top of this, these shoes have been sourced from second and third generation Italian makers of which few, if any, are available online. Another way that personalisation and the right touch can make and keep retail relevant.

These guys know their product, want to treat you well and send you on your way with a cheeky Italian-hoofed smile. Look for Officine Creatie, Pantanetti and Preventi in an original and absolutely wearable range of colours and styles.