Tuesday 22nd July
Kevina-Jo Smith: Same / Value

Kevina-Jo Smith: Same / Value

Kick Gallery

4 Peel Street, Collingwood

March 19th 2013 — April 6th 2013,
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The average person hasn’t got much use for discarded materials. But hand Kevina-Jo Smith a bag of plastic, string, leather, rope, ribbon, seeds, shells, sticks, grass or plants, and she can create a masterpiece, knitting, weaving, knotting and braiding these ‘up-cycled’ materials into exquisite artworks.

In her inaugural exhibition for Kick Gallery, Kevina-Jo Smith’s Same / Value will see the gallery’s white walls transform into a visual feast.

Unrestricted by the boundaries of canvas, works drape down the wall appearing at first like abstract paintings. Upon closer inspection of these wall hangings it can be seen that each piece is intricate, delicate and detailed like rich tapestries.


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