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Rene Lacoste © Getty Images
Rene Lacoste © Getty Images

80 Years of Lacoste at Beggar Man

January 17th 2013 — February 7th 2013
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Beggar Man Thief is a store that keeps on giving. South Melbourne's home of handmade shoes, sourced from around the world, is also playing host and homage to 80 years of sportswear label Lacoste.

On the courts, founder Rene Lacoste wore a blazer embroidered with the crocodile, which then represented his nickname, and now acts as the emblem of modern luxury sportswear. The progression of the brand and of Lacoste's vision from tennis to couture will be exhibited through archived images.

With a distinct gentlemanly atmosphere and exclusive collection of artisan leather loafers, Beggar Man seems like the perfect backdrop for a tribute to the Lacoste brand and its founder. If you miss the opening night the collection will be showcased until early February.


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