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Photography by Eugenia Lim

Photography by Eugenia Lim

Photography by Dan Moynihane

Photography by Charles Hosea

Marc Martin

Marc Martin

Living Well With Assemble Papers

By Nicholas Acquroff,
3rd August 2012

Assemble Papers is an online publication devoted to promoting an ethical and epicurean approach to art, design, architecture and urbanism.


ustralians are generally an environmentally conscious bunch. We embrace burgeoning sustainable concepts: ride our bikes, recycle, use the half flush and dutifully maintain our vegetable gardens. But we also enjoy the finer things in life. Assemble Papers teaches you how to live that little bit finer, without sacrificing your green ambitions

Assemble are a Northcote based architecture, design and property development company focused on reducing the human footprint.

Recently, the growing firm’s directors (Ben Keck, Giuseppe Demaio and Joachim Holland) have turned their hand to media, with the launch of Assemble Papers, an online publication exploring small footprint living across art, design, architecture, urbanism, the environment and finance.

Headed by editor Eugenia Lim, Assemble Papers is devoted to demolishing the idea that you can’t live a sustainable and culturally engaged lifestyle simultaneously. Inside the papers, you’ll find interviews and articles featuring influential people across various disciplines, including philosopher Alain de Botton and a handpicked selection of intelligent, laterally minded designers.

The articles are more likely to give you a dose of inspiration than a lecture and there is easy access to information on Assemble’s other design projects. With an easy to use interface and clean graphic layout, Assemble Papers believes that how we live and what we consume matters.

We agree.


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