Thursday 24th April
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Opening Night House Party Surfing on a Narrative (Next) Wave
The Next Wave Festival is bringing contemporary art to the public in ingenious ways.
Renegade Pub Football League Renegade Pub Football League
The competition’s origins may be hazy, but in the shadows of the big-ticket AFL sits a footy league that’s as grassroots as they come. Crack a cold beer and cheer from the sidelines this Sunday.
Getting Down at Boogie 8
Getting Down at Boogie 8
The smallest, kindest and most fun festival you’ll attend, Boogie is all about friendly people, crazy costumes, bonfires, fairy lights, soup until the wee hours of the morning and killer live music. Our photographer Laura May Grogan captured the good vibes of Boogie 8 over the Easter long weekend (she’s still partially covered in glitter).
Clare Bowditch Big-Hearted Bowditch
The second inaugural Big Hearted Business (un)conference is happening over the first weekend of May. We sit down with its creator, singer-songwriter Clare Bowditch, to find out what it’s all about.
Relating - it's about Ya, 2010 Wang Gongxin: From Oil Painter to Video Art Pioneer
The “godfather of Chinese video art” started as a painter. In his new exhibition at NGV, he shows how he never really gave it up.
DreamWorks Animation: The Exhibition DreamWorks Animation: The Exhibition
Celebrating a colourful, 20-year history, the Californian studio takes Melburnians on a world-first tour behind the scenes of its most famous films.


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