When Travis Brown and Benita Bunting returned from an overseas trip three years ago to find a rental increase notice amongst a pile of mail, the obvious course of action – to their minds at least – was to refuse it and open their own bookshop.

With Brown’s experience as a second hand book buyer (or ‘runner’) since the age of 19 and Bunting’s past managing new bookstores, the two know the market back to front. And most importantly, they understood what the market was missing: a second-hand bookstore with a first-hand feel.

The impressive fit-out courtesy of Brown’s father means that while the store is lined with shelves packed to the brim with books, Brown & Bunting is nothing like the dusty old second-hand bookstores you’re used to. Instead, the sections are meticulously organised, the books are cleaned with eucalyptus oil (making the whole store smell delicious) and there’s not a spot of dust to be found anywhere. Everything you love about second hand bookstores, without everything you don’t.

The couple is well aware of their online competition, but don't seem to let it bother them. A quick glance around the shelves reveals that Brown & Bunting's stock is priced as cheaply, if not better than their online competitors. It certainly makes it difficult to leave empty-handed. The nature of the business means that the stock is always changing based around what Brown comes across, but the aim is to make sure that there's always something new on the shelves, even if a customer comes in twice a week.